Georgios Polioudakis Stavromenos
GR 74 100 Rethymno
P.O. Box 534
GR 74 102 Rethymno

tel. +30 2831 071 984
+30 2831 072 345
fax +30 2831 073 999

About Us

Polioudakis Floriculture Enterprises were founded on 14/2/1991 in the area of Stavromenos in the prefecture of Rethymno targetting year-round the potted plant and flower market.

Today it has been expanded to encompass 5 acres with up-to-date modern greenhouses and nurseries for flowers and potted plants both in the Stavromenos and Latzima areas.

Initially our company cultivated an active profile in the local marker due to our personnel's high level of specialization and experience.

Our installations are fully automated and computer-controlled, ensuring excellent conditions for the unimpeded growth of our plants. Closed-loop hydroponics are employed as well as modern environment-and-human-friendly methods for fighting illnesses and pests.

With the above we have achieved:

  • Year-round stable quality and high retainability for our flowers
  • Low production cost
  • Secure working conditions for our personnel
  • No environmental pollution