Georgios Polioudakis Stavromenos
GR 74 100 Rethymno
P.O. Box 534
GR 74 102 Rethymno

tel. +30 2831 071 984
+30 2831 072 345
fax +30 2831 073 999


Our company offers a wide range of flower plants for the production of cut flowers used in all kinds of social events such as weddings, christenings, holidays, serving outside the dressing rooms and any other need.

The professionals involved in the marketing of flowers can rely on our company to supply them with adequate amounts of cut flowers throughout the year as well with excellent quality.

The adequacy and quality of our products is achieved by modern greenhouse facilities available, the fully controlled conditions in these, as well as its innovative methods of farming followed.

Floricultural products we produce are: roses, chrysanthemums, solidago, gypsofylli, lysianthos, sunflower, calla (zantedeshia), Asparagus plumosus, symforikarpo, seasonal plants in pots and ornamental garden shrub.

We also have prepared flowers (fresh flowers hand-processed) in a wide variety of colors and dichromates in order to cover the needs of particular cases.

Our company apart from the market in Crete is able to cover markets beyond. For this purpose, 3 perform scheduled tasks on a weekly basis.

The meticulous preparation method of delivery, placing flowers on special transport containers with nutrient liquid and the cold supply throughout the journey has resulted in better maintenance and diatirisimotita them.